Installed a bluestone patio & irrigation system for the lawn.

Mark Cullen,

From the very beginning, Emilio was incredibly responsive and professional. He stopped by the house within 48 hours of contact to discuss our ideas at a high level and followed up a few days later with a designer. We had a sketched design and an estimate for the scope of the project within a week and were even given a rough start date for a project. Emilio gave us a couple of idea to think about for the type of stone we were considering and even suggested we stop by to see the stones first hand at a local supplier’s location.

Emilio and his team removed an old crumbling patio and a pergola on its last leg and built out a solid foundation for a new, larger patio (nearly 300 SQ Feet). We have a little bit of a grade in our lawn which required some thought as to how the lawn would meet the patio on one particular side. After discussing it over, we opted for a step up as opposed to re-grading the lawn. Emilio’s team was here for a good three (3) plus days with Emilio regularly coming by through out the day to check on the progress and collaborate with his team. The finished project exceeded my expectations. We went with a natural cleft bluestone patio and the results with the design and work of Watertown Landscaping could not be any better. We’re excited to use the outdoor space.

Following the completion of the patio, Emilio had the team come in for another day of work to install an irrigation system. There were a couple of issues with the device following the installation but Emilio was incredibly responsive and had the team come back out to inspect the issue and have them make the necessary adjustments.

Two big thumps up for Watertown Landscaping. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again.


Hardscaped side and back yard including 4 retention walls, topsoil fill and regrading. Below surface drainage system was also installed to direct water away from foundation.

Robert O’Reilly,

The work was performed exceptionally. All our neighbors and passersby comment on it. Initially we worked with a different company and completed the landscape design with them over the winter months. The other company did a great job with that but got lost in details time and again. Decisions were just too difficult. We wanted our project done prior to warm weather setting in so we could enjoy it. So, we called Watertown Landscaping to do the installation.

Aside from having outdoor living space, a key driver for the project was to regrade the side yard to direct run-off away from the foundation. Watertown Landscaping also suggested a sub-surface drainage system to re-route water away from the house. Most contractors we considered suggested this and we agreed it to be necessary. The job went perfectly. The job was ambitious and the design a bit complicated. We wanted to be the #1 priority project in the spring schedule. Watertown Landscaping honored this commitment. Our unusable and empty side and back yards have been completely transformed. The 4 retaining walls are granite to best match our foundation. The outdoor living areas are bluestone alternating with areas of mahogany. This alternating use of materials breaks up what would otherwise be a large expanse of grey and hard surfaces. The back yard has the larger of the two patios. . Two sections are bluestone and the center area is mahogany. It is further enhanced with bluestone lined planting beds.

The side yard is 2 levels, joined to the back yard by a mahogany boardwalk. The lower, level is the bigger of the two and is also bluestone patio. We use this area for overflow when entertaining and on cooler days. (It catches more sun than the larger patio in the back yard. Our designer called it the ‘grotto’.) This area is bordered by flower/planting beds. The upper sideyard level is a small vegetable and herb garden. We love it (as do our neighbors) and dine out almost daily.

We also had a shed built on-site during the project by a second company. This required that Watertown Landscaping complete a portion of their job and then pause while the second company built the shed. Watertown Landscaping kindly agreed to coordinate efforts between the 2 companies and did that very well. No headaches for us! Throughout John and Emilio were exceptional to work with. Communication was frequent and responsive. Lots of little decisions had to be made and we did so together with ease. As with any job of this size, issues that couldn’t be anticipated came up. Watertown Landscaping kept us informed and took care of them. We were never nickled & dimed with additional charges. Job completion was prompt.